Areas of Interest for Grant Consideration

JSF will evaluate and consider awarding micro-grants of up to $2,500 to individuals and/or organizations interested in pursuing the following types of activities:

  • Want to get a new sport started?

    Ultimate Frisbee?  Rugby?   Water Polo?  Fencing?  Disc Golf?  Volleyball?  Cricket?  Something else?

  • Expansion of Athletic Activity

    Is demand exceeding supply?

  • Education and Training Activities to Enhance the Quality of Athletic Experiences

     Could experiences be enriched for athletes, coaches, sports administrators, officials or others engaged in athletic activities if they had increased access to education and training resources?

  • Recognition Activities

    Are there ways that our community can work collaboratively to recognize and honor the hundreds of committed adults who give of their time and talent to help our athletes have outstanding experiences?

  • Coordination and Collaboration Activities

     Are there ways that athletic organizations can share ideas, practices and approaches to address similar issues?  Are there opportunities to consolidate and cost-share on purchasing common services?

Scholarship Fund Guidelines

Request amounts of up to $50 will be considered for Derry Township families eligible for the school-based Free Meals or Milk and Reduced Price Meals programs.

  • Requests must be matched.

    Requested amounts must be matched by the family and/or rec organization in which the child is seeking to participate.

  • Use of Funds

    Scholarship funds can only be applied to “registration costs.”

  • Non-Competing Funds

    These resources are not meant to compete with, take the place of or substitute for the generous scholarship/needs-based assistance already being provided by existing recreation organizations.

  • Confidentiality

    The Scholarship Fund committee of the JSF Board of Directors will review and make decisions regarding the awards; aside from this review, requests will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Award decisions will be made within 3-days of submission and scholarship awards will be made directly to the rec organization in which the child is seeking to participate.