Thank you for your interest – ALL SEATS ARE TAKEN.

Registrants To-Date (will be capped at 15)

    1. Michael Montedoro

    2. Lisa Kuchtey

    3. Rachel Tereska

    4. Zach Jackson

    5. Dom Argento

    6. Dan Serfass

    7. Cori Reed

    8.  Wendy Weller

    9. Angela Mullen

    10. Mike Angelo

    11. Lynda Steller

    12. Paul Latham

    13. Rebekah Myler

    14. Janet Trautman

    15. Darby Valego

Please join us for a Group Discussion Session about how best to engage youth in quality physical activity opportunities so that all of the Township’s youth have a chance to experience the social, physical and health benefits associated with regular engagement in physical activity.

The Group Discussion Session will be held on Dec. 1st at the new Community Center, Classroom 1 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. Please register through the link below. We will be limiting the number of participants in the session to 15, so if you’re interested please reply as soon as possible.


Over the past 2 years the Joy of Sports Foundation has partnered with the Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program’s Project Play, Penn State College of Medicine, the Derry Township School District and Derry Township Parks & Recreation and other partners to landscape the ‘State of Play’ in Derry Township.  The goal of the project is to:

1) better understand the physical activity levels of our Township youth and what opportunities are available to serve the physical activity needs of youth through sports and recreation, and

2) chart a path forward for how interested parties can work together to grow access to, and sustain participation in, quality sports and recreation opportunities for all township youth.

One of the initial steps in the landscaping process was to survey township youth/adolescents and recreation organizations.