Hershey Roller/Street Street Hockey Rink Fundraising RE-Start - SEEKING PACESETTERS

Klick Lewis Commits to Pacesetter @ $10,000

Back Story

We raised $27,000 against a goal of $20,000 to construct the RINK at the previous partially-paved site alongside Memorial Baseball Field, but due to considerations related to campus design a new SITE needed to be identified.

The Derry Township School District has identified a new RINK site located adjacent to the Hershey Public Library.  The District plans to utilize the rink for a variety of physical education curricular-related activities during the day and it would be available for use beyond the school day and weekends for residents.  

Future Fundraising Plan

Before making an announcement to our existing donors/community at-large about our fundraising campaign re-start, we wanted to circle back TO OUR LEADING DONORS to see if you would consider providing a Pacesetter Challenge Grant to HELP spark our renewed fundraising efforts.  As a Pacesetter we would not request your donation until we’ve raised the balance of the additional $40,000. 

Klick Lewis Commits to Pacesetter @ $10,000

Please Join in the Community Effort to Build This Fantastic New Play Space!