JSF Memorial Day Weekend Quarantine Olympics

Click here for video explaining how the Quarantine Olympics will work.

Missing sports?

Missing competition?

Want to compete and have some fun?

The Joy of Sports Foundation is hosting the Quarantine Olympics over Memorial Day Weekend.  You’ll be completing in 4 Rounds of Fun over the weekend.  Examples of some of the challenges:


-submit a photo of you wearing your sports uniform or favorite team shirt.

-submit a video of you doing ten sit-ups.

-Pretend you just scored a goal and submit a video of you doing a celebration dance. 

-and lots more

We’ll have prizes for the top three teams. 

The JSF Quarantine Olympics schedule (each session will consist of a variety of challenges, but no session would take more than 30 minutes or so to complete):

 #1 begins Saturday @ 9:00 am.

#2 begins Saturday @ 4:00 pm.

#3 begins Sunday @ Noon

#4 begins Monday @ Noon

Winners will be announced at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, May 25th.

After you register, we’ll send you further information and the App that we’ll be using for the Quarantine Olympics. You’ll use the App to complete the challenges and the APP will provide cumulative, up-to-date results and standings so you can see how you’re doing.

  • APP D O W N LO A D

    JSF is underwriting the cost of the APP, so we’ll be asking each participating household  to limit itself to one APP download. 

Look for a follow up email on Friday May 22, 2020. 

  • The Joy of Sports Foundation is a non-profit organization.   

    Our goal is to expand and enhance athletic opportunities and experiences for all youth in Derry Township to get them playing and to keep them playing. 

    We had to cancel our annual fundraiser for 2020. 

    When you register you’ll have an opportunity to make a donation to help support JSF’s ongoing work.  

    A donation is ‘optional’ and is not required to join in the FUN.

    Thank You!

Please register below:

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