JSF Micro-Grant Guidelines

In addition to adherence to JSF’s mission/areas of interest, please think about the  following general guidelines when considering the preparation of your pre-application:

  • Applicants and activities must be submitted by and provided for Derry Township residents.​​

  • JSF funds may not be utilized to substitute for ​existing funds or for capital projects.

  • Proposed activities must be of a nature that they can reasonably be expected to be embraced and sustained by the community following JSF support.

  • Ideas submitted to JSF are being shared in the spirit of a “free exchange of ideas” and, unless otherwise noted by the applicant, are not subject to patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property protections.  Submitted materials will not be returned.

  • Every pre-application will receive a reply, which may or may not include an invitation to submit a full application for JSF funding.

  • Accepting a pre-application is not an indication of a JSF commitment to provide funds.​​​​​​

Click here to view, prepare and submit a pre-application.