• 22 SEP 19

    Inside the Joy of Sports Boardroom

    Inside the JSF Boardroom

    As JSF continues to evolve, and as do the busy lives of its volunteer board members, Mike Angelo and Donna Cronin have recently rotated off the board.

    Donna has been with JSF for over 3 years and has made enormous contributions to a variety of JSF’s initiatives, but particularly in the creation and operation or our Sports Sampling Camp and in drawing-in youth volunteers to assist with many of JSF’s activities.  Her formal engagement as a board member will be greatly missed, but fortunately Donna will continue to help support our organization through our newly forming committee structure.

    While Mike had joined the board more recently, during his short tenure with JSF he jumped in with both feet and helped immeasurably with our Spring Flag Football League and the Annual Recognition Dinner.  Mike’s presence will be greatly missed, but we hope to call on him periodically to help out here and there.

    On the other hand, Scott Rogers joined the board in the Spring, 2019.  Scott brings a rich background of varied community service including the Boy Scouts, Hershey Youth Basketball Association, high school and youth cross country, track & field and ice hockey.  Scott serves as an Administrator at a area technical high school.  We’re thrilled to have Scott on-board.

    If your interested in being considered for JSF board membership, please click in the link to submit your application of interest.