• 23 JUN 17

    JSF Awards its First Micro-Grant to the Hershey Aquatic Club

    Kip Shaw, JSF board member, listens on as Katie Nolan McComb talks about her Race with Endurance conference after presenting her with a $1,500 check for the Hershey Aquatic Club.

    The Hershey Aquatic Club (HAC) has been awarded a $1,500 micro-grant from the Joy of Sports Foundation to launch a new initiative called the Race with Endurance retreat. The goal of the retreat is to expose both middle school and high school female athletes to team building, goal-setting tools, and mentors who could contribute toward building their confidence. This is a one-day retreat that will also serve as a fundraiser for the club team.  The retreat will have three primary objectives:

    1.      Challenge the high school and middle school student athletes to analyze the current state of their strengths and weaknesses. Then, equip them with goal-setting tools to encourage them to dream and think about who they want to become as an individual in the long run, not just as an athlete.

    2.      Expose the student athletes to confident collegiate athletes and women who have used their strengths to create their identity to stir curiosity, creativity, and think beyond their current situations.

    3.      Create a safe environment for the girls to express themselves by having team building activities and leaders at each table who are good at fostering a family atmosphere.

    The parents of the athletes will also be engaged at a separate time during the retreat to familiarize them with the goals/activities of the retreat and to share with them strategies and tools for how they can reinforce and sustain the benefits beyond the retreat.

    Click on learn more for information on how your organization can apply for a micro-grant.