Having conducted over 3,500 workshops around the country over the past 20 years, the Positive Coaching Alliance has established itself as a national leader in coach, athlete and sports parent training.  This includes having worked with three local entities, the Hershey Little League , Joy of Sports Foundation, and the Derry Township School District/Hershey High School.  Between them, over 1,000 adults, kids and parents have participated in one or more of over a dozen PCA offerings.

In view of recent nationwide unrest, PCA has condemned inequality and racism in all of its forms and manifestations and has committed to be a force for reconciliation through collaborative actions with coaches and athletes.  As part of this renewal, PCA is developing workshops to address these issues that are intended to unlock the power of sports to battle racism and social injustice. The workshops will continue to reflect PCA’s Better Athletes, Better People philosophy and integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism education/content into their workshop curriculum.

PCA believes, as Nelson Mandela did, that sports has the power to transform lives and unify communities.

When done right, it has the power to heal, to tear down barriers, and to teach us the skill necessary for more inclusive teams, schools, and futures. Ones that value diversity and assure that mutual trust and belonging are felt by all.

Derry Township Partnership

Through a creative and ground-breaking collaboration, the Positive Coaching Alliance, Derry Township School District and the Joy of Sports Foundation have come together in a unique partnership through which JSF will financially support the workshops, DTSD/HHS will host them and PCA will deliver them.  And, the school district/Hersey High School will invite recreation organization coaches and athletes to participate to maximize community-wide impact. 

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Workshop Delivery Schedule

Three workshops will be delivered for interscholastic and recreational athletes and coaches:

  • 1 will be for coaches

  • 2 for athletes

Virtual delivery is expected to begin in the fall and continue throughout the school year.

Coaches have a platform to teach their athletes that they have innate value and dignity that are neither defined nor limited by their race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or resources and our students need inspiration and guidance.  Our coaches can play an intentional and active role in helping end bigotry and hatred, and these workshops can help empower them to do just that!

For Further Information

If you’d like to learn more about these workshops and be kept informed on content and scheduling or to join as a sponsor or make a donation to support these sessions, please complete this form.  Or email or call Chris Painter at or 7i7315-5038