• 25 SEP 19

    Dodgeball Gets Underway

    On Sunday, September 22nd, twenty-four boys (6th – 9th grade) arrived at the Hershey Middle School and within 5 minutes or so the balls were flying, DODGEBALLS that is.  As everyone seemed to know how to play, little direction or guidance was needed.  The toughest job was fetching the wayward balls and getting them back into play on the right court.

    The kids started with 4 teams of 6, playing the best out of 3 matches on two courts and then took on new opponents as the teams rotated.  This was followed by some full-court 12 v. 12 games, followed by some more 6 v. 6, and concluding with 4 v. 4 games in smaller court spaces.   No injuries, maybe a few disputes on calls and 1 missing dodgeball (if anyone knows where it is please let us know).  A lot of exercise, socializing and FUN!

    Looking forward to next Sunday night (Sept. 29th) from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Hershey Middle School.





    (left) After the start whistle, the boys race to the center line to grab as many of the 6 available balls as they can as the game gets underway.

    (below) And then the strategy begins.