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Grants & Scholarships

JSF Scholarship Fund Guidelines

Request amounts of up to $50 will be considered for Derry Township families eligible for the school-based Free Meals or Milk and Reduced Price Meals programs.

  • Requested amounts must be matched by the family and/or rec organization in which the child is seeking to participate.
  • Scholarship funds can only be applied to “registration costs.”
  • These resources are not meant to compete with, take the place of or substitute for the generous scholarship/needs-based assistance already being provided by existing recreation organizations.
  • The Scholarship Fund committee of the JSF Board of Directors will review and make decisions regarding the awards; aside from this review, Scholarship Fund requests will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Award decisions will be made within 3-days of submission and scholarship awards will be made directly to the rec organization in which the child is seeking to participate.

JSF Micro-Grant Guidelines

In addition to adherence to JSF’s mission/areas of interest, please think about the following general guidelines when considering the preparation of your pre-application:

  • Applicants and activities must be submitted by and provided for Derry Township residents.​​
  • JSF funds may not be utilized to substitute for ​existing funds or for capital projects.
    Proposed activities must be of a nature that they can reasonably be expected to be embraced and sustained by the community following JSF support.
  • Ideas submitted to JSF are being shared in the spirit of a “free exchange of ideas” and, unless otherwise noted by the applicant, are not subject to patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property protections. Submitted materials will not be returned.
  • Every pre-application will receive a reply, which may or may not include an invitation to submit a full application for JSF funding.
  • Accepting a pre-application is not an indication of a JSF commitment to provide funds.​​​​​​

‘Other’ Financial Support Guidelines

Joy of Sports Foundation (JSF) Guidelines for Requests for “OTHER” Funding (other than Micro Grants & Scholarships that are addressed elsewhere on the website) – such as ads in programs or other financial support requested by youth and interscholastic sports-related organizations.

As one of the purposes of JSF is to initiate new recreational sports and assist with the maintenance and expansion of existing sports, such requests will be considered in accord with the guidelines below. Though no single factor will be dispositive, the factors to be considered will include:

  • Does the request impact a sports-related organization in Derry Township?
  • Has a similar request been granted previously by JSF to the same organization? Or is this a first time request?
  • How many youth and adults are served by the organization requesting the funding?
  • For what purpose is the request being made?
  • Does the request provide any opportunity for heightened visibility for either JSF or the requesting group?
  • Does the request serve a segment of the youth population that has been underserved?
  • Is the dollar amount being considered consistent with prior similar requests?
  • How well does the request fit with the mission of JSF?