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Positive Coaching Alliance

About Positive Coaching Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) develops BETTER ATHLETES, BETTER PEOPLE through resources for youth and high school sports coaches, parents, administrators and student-athletes. PCA has partnered with roughly 3,500 schools and youth sports organizations nationwide to deliver over 20,000 live group workshops, online courses and an array of other resources that help those involved in youth and high school sports create a positive, character-building youth sports culture.

Workshops & Courses:

PCA workshops and courses, which have impacted more than 9.2 million youth through 2021, strive to transform high school and youth sports into a Development ZoneTM, where the goal is to develop Better Athletes, Better People by striving to establish the following models in youth and high school sports:

The Double-Goal Coach®, who strives to win while also pursuing the more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports

The Second-Goal Parent®, who concentrates on life lessons, while letting coaches and athletes focus on competing

The Triple-Impact Competitor®, who strives to impact sport on three levels by improving oneself, teammates and the game as a whole.

While these exemplars serve as the foundation for PCA’s work, they offer over a dozen research-based training workshops and other resources for coaches, parents, athletes and leaders to improve culture and ensure a positive youth development experience for ALL kids through sports.

PCA gains support from a National Advisory Board, including National Spokesperson and 11-time NBA Champion Coach Phil Jackson, and many other top coaches, athletes, organization leaders and academics who share PCA’s mission.